Maclaren Techno XT Buggy Survey

Has this always happened to you? You’re on an excursion, you’re getting a flight the following day and your umbrella buggy goes to pieces? This happened to all of us around a long time back.

We were booked to bounce on a trip in London the following day – we were prepared techno to return to home base to the US when my little girl’s buggy goes to pieces. The ottoman, a haggle handle on our umbrella buggy all went south. Maybe it realize that the guarantee had terminated. Our process home included three unique air terminals, so it was a judicious choice to get another buggy for my three year old little girl. Not a problem, a speedy outing downtown and we got ourselves another lightweight carriage. Being in Britain, I wasn’t shocked that we tracked down an English carriage – a Maclaren Volo. What amazed me, be that as it may, was the nature of the buggy – it was constructed super well. That is the day I turned into a Maclaren buggy fan.

After four years I wind up checking on another buggy from Maclaren – The Techno XT. Good gracious what an extraordinary carriage! It has similar quality, craftsmanship and materials that I found in my Volo yet the Techno’s component list keeps endlessly going.


This buggy is a lightweight however it has each of the highlights of regular carriage. What’s more, at 14.5 lbs it folds up and is conveyed without any problem.

Similarly as with all Maclaren carriages, the Techno XT arrives in a wide assortment of varieties and examples. Furthermore, with a removable and launderable completely leaning back seat, your little one can rest in style.

As well as leaning back level, the seat can be moved into three extra seating positions. The ride on this carriage is exceptionally smooth – it has a cushioned seat and all-wheel suspension.

I’m 10″ taller than my significant other so I incline toward buggies that have level flexible handles. The Techno’s level customizable handles get the job done… the two of us can walk easily with this buggy.

This Maclaren buggy accompanies a water safe overhang that includes a sun visor, air vents, a huge survey window and a connectable downpour cover.


Effectively overlap and convey your buggy. The Techno carriage opens and closes effectively – in a real sense in a moment or two.

With a level movable head-rest, a shoulder tackle and a customizable ottoman, from baby to small kid – this carriage develops with you.

The 3-position, ergonomically planned, level flexible handles work for guardians of different levels.

You get a smooth ride when you purchase a carriage with enormous, turn, front haggles wheel suspension. You will not be disheartened with this carriage.

Who’s utilizing this buggy?

Voyagers who end up utilizing the Techno XT carriage long after their process has finished – in light of the toughness and mobility, and on the grounds that it gets together so minimalistically… it’s great for day to day use.

What function admirably’s?

You won’t find a cushioned 5-point security outfit on other lightweight carriages. Your little ones will like this element.

The simple overlay include is a fantasy… Flip several switches and the carriage rapidly overlap up – making it simple to move and store.

What doesn’t function admirably?

The overhang and the stockpiling bin could be greater.

For what reason to purchase this carriage…

Assuming you will be voyaging or you want an everyday carriage that is shipped effectively, and assuming you really want a buggy that you can depend on… This carriage won’t go to pieces when you want it the most.

For what reason to not buy this carriage…

In the event that you’re searching for a bigger buggy or you’re hoping to set aside a touch of cash.

Different buggies to consider…

The Quattro Visit buggy from Graco is a standard carriage that is viable with baby vehicle seats – it’s a regular, full element, carriage yet it is not difficult to move and isn’t really awful in the movability division.

The Initial public offering carriage from Graco has a ton of extraordinary highlights and it costs not exactly the Techno XT buggy – it’s an incredible worth.


At $315, you could view the Techno XT as excessively costly. With regards to the cost… this will to be sure be the last buggy you purchase – it won’t leave you abandoned at an air terminal – trust me. I strongly suggest the Maclaren XT buggy. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.